‘The Wicker Ablaze’ – Cairns Are Heard For The First Time

A new force in atmospheric black metal crashes onto the shores of extremity – and the results are breathtaking.

Atmospheric black metal has been flowing in like an omnipresent tide in recent years. Inspired by nature and those insoluble feelings of insignificance and absolute isolation, it is the turn of Cairns to weave emotion and crippling beauty into jagged crescendos and awe-inspiring soundscapes.

The word ‘post’ has often been ascribed to those creations who dare to tread a little further up the windswept cliff tops than some may have before, but it means little. Cairns hold a singular focus on capturing the true spirit of being alive in a world driven by far greater forces than mankind can ever, or will ever, comprehend. This allows them to take the organic, timeless basis of black metal and move it into a devastatingly solemn and solitary realm where it can, once again, soar across the darkening clouds of a boundless sky.

The debut single from this UK force is called ‘The Wicker Ablaze’ and is streaming now.

More details on their EP release entitled ‘Keening’ to follow soon.