2 x CD Digipak – Full Colour Printing on both

Wolvencrown – Wolvencrown (EP 2017)
Wolvencrown – A Shadow Of What Once Was (EP 2021)


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For some bands an EP might represent a stop gap release, a time filler between the serious business of full length albums, but for WOLVENCROWN it’s a doorway to new visions, a fresh opportunity to explore and create something vital, alive and utterly essential.

They swooped down from dark horizons with their debut self-titled EP back in 2017 (released through Clobber) and have returned in 2021 with the stunning ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was’.

The three songs that make up this haunting second EP from atmospheric black metallers WOLVENCROWN, A Shadow Of What Once Was, subsume the senses, enfolding the listener in layers of dream and memory, summoning the scent of fallen leaves, the touch of evening mists and the howl of the pack upon the cold night breeze.

A Shadow Of What Once Was comes adorned with the stunning artwork of Joan Llopis Domenech (Lustre, Sojourner, Ruadh etc). This is a release to be cherished, a dark treasure to uncover. This is a chance meeting upon a midnight path with long dead kings whose shades are swift of foot and sharp of tooth…

Buy both EPs from this well-respected UK atmospheric black metal band as part of this deal.


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