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Hailing from Manchester and featuring members of Foetal Juice and Burial, Wolfbastard are a living nightmare of primitive savagery, drunken belligerence and unadulterated speed. Like the deformed, abandoned offspring of Venom, Motörhead, Darkthrone and Discharge on a mission to destroy. Attitude and muscle forged into a musical fist that will smash you to your knees before you’ve had a chance to breathe, the band’s third album, Hammer The Bastards, is the ugliest, most aggressive outpouring yet from these delinquent demons. It’s the sound of menace, wanton aggression, iron will and defiance, honed on the stages of this decaying island nation in the company of Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Municipal Waste, Hellbastard and countless other kings of the underground. A caustic collision of D-Beat, crust punk, black metal and blackened hardcore Hammer The Bastards is the perfect nihilistic sonic assault to accompany the death throes of our pitiful species.

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