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Many bands aim to be heavy, but there are a few who ferociously strive to be defined by their heaviness. Soulphernus are one such band.

Hailing from the North of England, everything about this band and this release is harsh, raw and hostile. They boldly tread a path that many others would shy away from and leave nothing to the imagination. This is genuinely impenetrable music made by a genuinely sinister band.

Soulphernus threw their demonic calling card into the scene with 2016’s ‘Peace Is The Greatest Lie Ov All’ and now they return with a full length, self-titled album. A torrential deluge of vicious vocals, cutting guitars and detonating drums marks the sound of this band in 2019 and this release doesn’t stray from the opening of ‘Lo and Behold’ to the final track ‘Sztandar Lucyfera’ – the latter being entirely written in Polish, the first language of vocalist Plaga.


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