Wolfbastard – Black Metal, Booze and Motörhead

‘Hammer The Bastards’ – filthy savagery from the UK underground’s finest.

Manchester’s Wolfbastard need little introduction – to those in the know, at least. They have been wielding crust punk defiance with an oh-so-British sense of irreverence for over a decade now. Now they have returned with what is undoubtedly their most aggressive offering yet – their third full-length album ‘HAMMER THE BASTARDS’.

Spanning across any genre that exalts the speed and rusty integrity of unadulterated heavy metal, they weave a prevailing evil black metal blueprint into the crusty edges of punk, d-beat and speed thrash – and come out with a consistency and belligerence that Lemmy would be proud of.

‘Hammer The Bastards’ is both a grimy take on the true spirit of heavy music, and a grotty walk through graveyards at midnight whilst laughing in the face of death. With aptly named song titles such as ‘Nun Krüsher’, ‘Buckfast Blasphemies’ and the barbaric ‘Graveyard Slag’, there is nothing not to love about this pummelling sonic assault.

‘Hammer The Bastards’ – released on January 14th 2022 on blood red splatter vinyl, audio cassette and CD digipak.