‘Blackest Insurrection’ – Sidious Unleash The Unholiest Of Sermons

True second wave black metal from an exceptional example of how far the UK has come in this barbaric sphere.

Sidious are an exceptional black metal band. They are one of those rare species who ably intertwine the icy roots of the genre’s origins with a contemporary flame that lifts this into the ferocious glare of the modern day fan. And it stands there and stares straight back.

Featuring an array of exceptional talent mixed with the essential nihilistic intent. ‘Blackest Insurrection’ does not let up from the opening riff of the title track opener to the pummelling majesty of ‘Jewel of the Hadean Crown’. Pure black metal used to be as untainted as the driven snow but now, it seems, that the snows have melted and uncovered the giant halls of grotesque extremity that always lay underneath.

Sidious have laid in wait and it has become clear that their time is upon us. ‘Blackest Insurrection’ – released 11th March 2022 on audio cassette and CD digipak.