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‘…the most successful output from Wolvencrown so far.’ Metal.de

‘…another big step up for the band.’ The Quietus

‘Aggressive and timeless. 90/100’ Infernal Masquerade

‘This mind-blowing EP firmly cements Wolvencrown as one of the most important atmospheric black metal bands not only in the UK, but in the scene worldwide. 9/10.’ Rock n’ Load

‘A lesson in how to create something powerful and enthralling, Wolvencrown show no mercy as they sit upon their throne.’ Metal Noise

Atmospheric Black Metal from Nottingham, UK

Redefining the enormity of the atmospheric black metal sound, Wolvencrown bring a panoramic sonic assault underpinned by magnitude and epic escapism. Hailing from Nottingham (UK), they consistently deliver dynamic melodies and richly absorbing atmospherics. Releasing their frostbitten, self-titled debut via Clobber back in 2017, they have gone on to widen their fanbase and are now held in great regard both domestically and beyond.

In 2021, they returned to Clobber and released the captivating ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was’ EP. This has seen them rekindle their role as storytellers and bards, and the power and emotion that radiates from this new chapter in their enthralling tale is breath-taking.¬†Experimentation takes on a refreshing and spellbinding haze whilst losing none of the cold, bleak majesty of their recognisable sound.

Both ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was’ and ‘Wolvencrown’ are available on CD digipak. ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was’ is also available on gold/black cassette.

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