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‘Total Ripper’ Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer/Blabbermouth

‘…an onslaught of riffage, a rhythm section that steam roles through and a vocalist who barks out lyrics as if he were a human machine gun.’ Extreme Metal Maniac Blog

‘Wolfbastard is big stupid fun….as if Darkthrone and Sex Pistols made a supergroup.’ Angry Metal Guy

‘Hammer The Bastards is a perfectly solid record.’ Distorted Sound Magazine

Black Metal D-Beat Crust Punks from Manchester, UK

Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 in an explosion of blood, beer and hate, Wolfbastard have established themselves as prime purveyors of the ugliest, grittiest most unrelenting sonic violence imaginable. Proudly and defiantly unacceptable, this band hit hard enough to punch through brick walls and have no regard for any collateral damage that may occur on their riff-fuelled rampage. They take the abhorrent hatred of black metal and fuse it with the barbaric battering of D-beat crust punk….and the results are astonishingly good – and uniquely Wolfbastard!

Their third offering, ‘Hammer The Bastards’ is the ultimate expression of their nihilistic destruction, the perfect distillation of their heavier than hell, irresistible metallic onslaught. Starting and ending in the tomb, from ‘Can’t Escape The Grave’ to ‘Graveyard Slag’, ‘Pissing On The Sacred Ground’ along the way, this is a one way trip to oblivion.

Wolfbastard have become renowned for their high-energy, unkempt live shows as well as their irreverent brand of dark humour and their formidable presence. ‘Hammer The Bastards’ is out now on gory blood red splatter vinyl, CD digipak & red/black cassette via Clobber Records.