‘…obliterating and savage’ Ave Noctem

‘….established bands, take heed….there’s a new horde.’ Rock Music Raider

‘….everything is a brutal intensity.’

Black Metal in its purest form….’ 8.5/10

‘.… a deep and demonic heaviness.’ 8/10 Metalbite

Unholy Black Metal from the UK

Over the years, black metal has become many things and been interpreted in a huge number of ways. Yet, deep within the inner sanctums of this demonic realm, there are those who stay true to the old ways and the nihilistic terrors that underpin this extremity. One such band are Sidious.

‘Blackest Insurrection’ is the third album from this formidable UK black metal force, and the first on Clobber Records. Presenting itself as a wild, uncompromising paean to tragedy, rebellion and defiance unto death, this is the album with which Sidious realise all their promise and potential, defining their sound. ‘Blackest Insurrection’ is a magnificent, majestic outpouring of pure, unadulterated black metal that will place Sidious in the vanguard of Albion’s legions. Having honed a ferocious reputation in the UK underground scene, the time has come for Sidious to stride forth under the most barbaric of skies, and watch as their very unique brand of bleak extremity falls upon the earth. 

‘Blackest Insurrection’ is out now on CD digipak, transparent dark red/white cassette (Maltese Cross design packaging) and all digital streaming services.

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