‘….killer UK black metal’ Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer/Blabbermouth

‘…brutal, sinister, precise and a real gem.’ Ave Noctem

‘…devastatingly good black metal.’ The Razor’s Edge

‘In Asylum Requiem is an epic, progressive masterpiece.’ The Metal Observer

Poetic Black Metal from the UK.

Shadowflag have always stalked the hinterlands of black metal, striding with gritted teeth into the face of the storm. Staying true for over a decade, they bring rare imagination and a poetic spirit to their fearsome creations, walking hand in hand with accepted convention only when it happens to run parallel to their path. They have honed a unique sound and a fearsome fanbase as they have taken to stages across the UK and beyond.

From the grand ambition of their self-titled debut, through the classics of ‘The White Grave’ to the cold terror of 2017s ‘The Delusion Machine’, Shadowflag have proven themselves to be a band without limitations, a band that stands alone. In 2020, they released their latest beast, carved from the essence of insanity, ‘In Asylum Requiem’. The fourth Shadowflag album is perhaps their most formidable and forbidding; each song resolute in purpose and relentless in delivery. Yet for all the freezing fury, the rush of blackness is punctuated with diamonds of unique cut, moments of that unmistakeable Shadowflag magic. Songs like ‘From Agony To Cold’ perfectly define everything that Shadowflag are. They have a sound and signature that is all their own and this has never been more apparent than when wandering the complex passageways of In Asylum Requiem.