‘…if you’re into speedy black thrash, then you really need to pick this album up. 8.5/10’ Ave Noctem

‘Excellently produced and performed, Baptised In Blasphemy is a record that lovers of the genre should not miss.’

‘It’s black thrash at its best! The release of the year so far in this genre!’

‘Devastator is definitely an asset to the blackened thrash scene.’

Black Thrash from The Midlands, UK

Some would have you believe that the glory days of the metal underground have passed; that the spirit of denim and leather, bullets and studs and headbanging through the pain barrier were left behind in the near mythical ‘80s. Well if metal has moved on into a new sanitised age, if its essence is no longer infused with booze, sweat, Satan and dangerous volume levels, then nobody told DEVASTATOR…or maybe they did, but this band just don’t give a fuck.

Devastator live for the thrill of live performance, but they have managed to channel that unharnessed power and excitement and capture it all on ‘Baptised In Blasphemy’. Turn it up, close your eyes and you’ll taste that cheap beer and feel the heat of the lights. Devastator have successfully taken metal’s grimy past and brought it into an even grimier present. Devastator are rapidly becoming one of the most recognisable, active and noteworthy bands in the world of black thrash.

‘Baptised in Blasphemy’ is out now on limited edition black vinyl & CD digipak.