‘Doom and rottenness colour the darkness..9/10.’ Necromance Magazine

‘An exciting, pleasing and devastating listening experience…8/10.’ Ave Noctem

‘A damn strong debut album…9/10.’ Zephyr’s Odem

‘A captivating and emotional record.’ Angry Metal Guy

‘Ba’al have taken major strides towards establishing themselves as one of the most exciting heavy bands in Europe….9/10.’ Distorted Sound Magazine

‘A pretty fucking amazing album!’ Headshot Metal

Post-Black Metal Meditation from Sheffield, UK

Ba’al harness the icy tundra of black metal whilst bringing a deeply personal and experimental edge to its delivery. Not content with simply weaving extremity into sound, they invest every sinew of themselves, their beliefs and their willingness to tread where their feet take them into what is undeniably a genuine representation of the post-black metal genre.

‘Ellipsism’ is the sense of sadness and melancholy that accompanies intimations of one’s own mortality, the quiet heartbreak that comes with the realisation of all the futures you will never see. It’s also the perfect title for the full length debut album from Sheffield blackened post metal sorcerers of sorrow, BA’AL. Having forged their sound in the fires of a Bloodstock festival appearance, live shows with Downfall Of Gaia, Conan, Gnaw Their Tongues, Fen and more, two EPs and the towering Thy Sorrow single, recorded at Russ Russell’s Parlour Studios (At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death etc) the time has come for ‘Ellipsism’.

The unmistakeable, impassioned howl of Hecate Enthroned vocalist Joe Stamps tears through the suffocating shadows of broken hymns like ‘Father, The Sea, The Moon’ and soft, deep waves of cruel despair wash around your heart on ‘III-II-MMIII’ and album closer ‘Rosalia’. This is an album that will swallow you, engulfing you in the fear-tinged sadness whose name it bears. At times raging fiercely at the futility of the human condition at others, simply desolate…Ellipsism is a powerful maelstrom of dark emotion, touched with moments of remarkable beauty, that will leave no listener unaffected.

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