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‘…a really formidable force and one to be reckoned with.’ Nattskog

Mystical Black Metal from the UK.

Starting out as one of the UK’s most intriguing and exciting solo black metal projects, Abduction is the apparition of one man – named A|V. This has grown into a full line up that has brought an experimental brand of unholy chaos to stages and to an ever-growing fanbase.

‘A Crown Of Curses’ is their second full length album and sees Abduction explore the most intricate realms of black metal aesthetics and produce an album immersed in the harrowing depths of human experience. Tracks such as ‘Permissible Death’ and the vitriolic ‘Respiratory Prison’ stand out as defining everything that this barbaric, shifting and acerbic band can offer.

Achieving higher levels of success with each passing breath, ‘A Crown Of Curses’ holds its place on the roster and provides an absorbing insight into the relentless and unstoppable journey of Abduction.