Formed in 2016, Clobber Records is an independent record label that promotes its artists with an unquestionable belief in their relevance to the current time. The label is run in a committed, innovative and professional manner and invests in bands so that they may grow and grasp new opportunities.

We focus mainly on extreme metal and its derivatives but have open minds, eclectic tastes and a ravenous approach to finding new music. We believe in artistic expression of all forms and value the integrity and the strength of those who strive to create.

We are neither thinkers nor thoughts, neither observers nor the observed. We are here, in this moment, and we hope that you will join us. 


Clobber Records is currently accepting submissions. If you think we will enjoy what you have to offer, then please send us your music following the guidelines below. We want to hear sounds that capture us and hold us in the moment. And then, when the moment has passed, sounds that can do it again. Let your minds run free. Don’t hold back.

Please send your music via streaming links (e.g. Soundcloud, Bandcamp) or via file sharing links (e.g. Dropbox). Please do not send large files by email as this can cause problems and may mean that your music is not heard. That’s something we don’t want to happen and we are sure you feel the same. Please include any bio/press pack in all submissions – anything that can give us an idea of who you are and what you are about. The email address is clobberrecords@outlook.com

If you wish to send physical copies, that’s fine. Please contact us via the email address above and we will let you know where to send them and anything else we may need. Please, if you do choose to send us anything, make the packaging as Satanic as possible. We do like to keep the Royal Mail guessing.

One very important point to note is that we only work with unreleased material. This gives us an opportunity to give your record the exposure it deserves and to work with our PR partners to tailor a release campaign that works for both us, and you as the artist. If it’s out there, it’s gone – and sadly we won’t be interested. Patience is a virtue sometimes – so contact us first and keep your grubby little mits off Bandcamp for now.

The only exception to the rule above would be Slayer. If you wish us to release material that is already released, by all means get in touch.

We love music and we love new music even more. We will listen to everything that is sent to us. We will also endeavour to reply to everyone that sends us music for us to listen to. This may take some time…but the world is a large and exciting place so we are sure that you will find lots of things to see and do whilst you are waiting.

Jaff & Rebecca.

Clobber Records.   

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