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Well, it’s only the 15th January at the start of a year that appears to be no different to the last one. As 2020 sauntered off still clutching half a can of warm Strongbow and muttering about needing to go to bed, 2021 woke up and stretched and immediately offered us, guess what, a can of warm Strongbow. It seems that the party ain’t over yet. (*other, probably far better tasting ciders, are available).

The reason that I mention the date is because I have already found a record that has hit me between the eyes and appeals to my senses without question. This short EP has been unleashed by members of other noisy bunches such as Void Rot and Suffering Hour – and provides a brutally honest, cripplingly heavy and desperately relevant sound to kick off this wonderful new year.

There are shades of Blut Aus Nord’s ‘Deus Salutis Meæ’ (2017) here in that few bands truly harness that cauldron sound with such devastating success. Aberration are more ‘death metal’ than BAN but the atmospherics are identical. If death metal can be ambient, then this creeps stealthily into that camp trying desperately not to get recognised.

All I can hope is that this is just a taste of what is come. Like all EPs, it’s just too short and leaves you sitting there with a bitter taste in your mouth – but it’s one that you don’t want to go away. Fingers crossed that 2021 sees far more Aberration than we have seen before.


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