I always remember the impact that projects such as Arx Atrata had on me when I first settled down with a glass of the red stuff to enjoy those heady, addictive soundscapes. And now, the highly talented and footloose individual behind Bron has, for me, created something here of equal measure.

Consisting of three lengthy tracks, there is a depth and a thoughtfulness here that gushes from the centre of each epic voyage. There is a heavy use of synths but they’re allowed to drip like the freezing waters from the end of an icicle – and that’s exactly how I like my electronica to play out. It’s great when the sound can play its own role within the record and not just thicken things out a bit. Definitely nailed this here.

There is the usual tracked drum sensation here but I think we’ve all got pretty used to that. This is simply a beautiful piece of creativity, crafted from the furs of atmospheric black metal yet warmed in a cinematic glow. There is just nothing not to like.


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