The occult has always been a term used for anything that mankind doesn’t quite understand or can’t make sense of. It seems ludicrous because I struggle to make sense of pretty much anything. Water coming out of a tap blows my mind – so give me the esoteric musings of a 19th century French ceremonial magician or the like, and it’s as if the top of my head blew clean off.

I do, however, get black metal and it makes absolute sense to me. In the case of this latest release from the mythical underground force that is Lamp of Murmuur, that is a very fine thing because this record is sublime. Successfully combining the ethereal majesty of many early incantations of the genre with the relentless, obliterating rhythms of many notable releases, this record takes a bite and keeps its blood stained, vicious fangs locked for all 47 alchemic minutes.

From the bleakly triumphant sway of the title track to the rampant aggression of standout track ‘The Scent of Torture, Conquering All’, there is absolutely nothing not to enjoy or be spiritually aroused by here. It harnesses balance and poise, initiation and despair, mirrors and fire in equal measures. Nothing outstays its welcome but nothing wants to go home.

This record has been eagerly anticipated and, thankfully, will not let down anyone who chooses to leap into the vortex. Go ahead, jump on in.


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