ALBUM REVIEW: Spirit Possession – Spirit Possession

There are many things that people have found, shall we say, ‘interesting’ about the year 2020 but, for me, by far the frontrunner is the sudden and inexplicable resurgence of black/speed thrash records. Already tortured by the rusty metal spikes of Devastator (Clobber Records) and Skeleton (20 Buck Spin Records), I now find myself back in the safety of a pile of toilet roll but risk losing it all to the filth of Spirit Possession.

This self-titled debut once again defiantly plants its roots in the lands cultivated by Venom and Motorhead. The punky scramble of ‘Twin Tongued Pathways’ could have found itself on any of the latter’s records. However, this band inject a more modern twist in the manner of Darkthrone (in their later output), as well as the extremes of UK black metal band Burial.

Standout track ‘Deity of Knives and Pointed Apparitions’ clearly demonstrates how this band can sound when all this is combined together. This is maximum chaos, maximum metal and enough spittle to take a bath in.

Horns up, 2020. Whoever thought you had it in you?




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