How has lockdown been for you on a personal level? 

It’s been OK. I’ve had time to do things I never usually have lots of time to do, if that makes sense? Art, reading and of course, music. Not always being surrounded by people has also been a massive plus. I’m a mild recluse really, I like my own company and can get easily agitated if I constantly have to be mixing, so I haven’t struggled at all. I’d be more than happy for it to carry on for another year. But I have missed live music.

Have you been able to be creative?

Absolutely. During the first couple of weeks, I recorded ‘The Isolation Sessions’ which was an acoustic reworking of some songs off previous releases, which was fun to do. I had a couple of songs written for the new ‘Owls’ album before lockdown, but with the spare time and a clear head, I’ve been able to fully write, record, edit, mix and master the whole thing, so that is now done. About six months ahead of schedule! This is the most ambitious album I’ve made so far, drawing on lots of other genres such as blackgaze and there’s also some doom in there too. I think it all blends really well. Hopefully everyone else does too and they get what I’m trying to do with the slight shift in direction.

What do you think the short-term and long-term impacts of the pandemic will be on your art? 

I’ve had it easier than other musicians as I don’t play gigs and therefore, I don’t rely on ticket money and sales at shows, etc. I think the long-term impacts could be pretty catastrophic though, taking into account that live music is still not allowed and venues are really struggling. I’m really hopeful that things settle down and live music will reappear quickly. It would be a disaster to see clubs and bands going under because of something out of their control.

Are you hopeful about the future generally? 

Never. Haha! I guess yeah, I’m looking forward to people hearing the new album and possibly doing a bit of live music here and there, if I can muster up the energy to arrange it. We’ll see what the future holds, I guess. I’ve already got riffs and ideas for what would be album number four but will probably not do anything much with that for a good few months or so.

What can fans and/or promoters do to support you in the coming months and years? 

Keep checking social media feeds for news, share stuff, buy a bit of merch here and there. Like I say, I haven’t been too impacted financially and although I’d love people to be queuing to buy my stuff, I have plenty of friends who are struggling with loss of revenues and it’s hard, you know? I want to promote myself, but am happy that people spend their money and keeping bands and venues afloat with their odd fivers here and there. But any spare money after that, yeah, grab a hoody or album from me. It’s all appreciated. And most importantly, I want people to stay miserable.


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