ALBUM REVIEW: Nexion – Seven Oracles

Iceland’s extreme music scene is ferociously healthy. Given their topography and the fact that it tends to be a little chilly, much has tended to fall within the realms of atmospheric black metal. However, clearly not all, as this debut album from the quite brilliant Nexion demonstrates.

Seven Oracles is a concept album. The colourful artwork depicts a beast with seven heads and the record is a beast with seven songs. There is an untamed savagery at its core as tracks such as the devastatingly heavy ‘Utterances of Broken Throats’ and the razor-sharp gallop of ‘Sanctum Amentiae’ steadfastly refuse to be held back.

This is, without any doubt at all, extremely well written and finely produced blackened death metal. It bears all the hallmarks of a more Eastern European sound as the hanging guitar progressions and low chanting evoke elements of Mgla whilst the gnawing vocals are very much reminiscent of Azarath.

As debut records go, you won’t find too many much better than this one. Nexion identify their sound and stick faithfully to it throughout – and that’s a very, very sensible thing to do when you sound as good as they do. Go listen!


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