ALBUM REVIEW: Fornicus – Sulphuric Omnipotence

Every year it happens. The odd record sticks its head up a bit higher than all the rest and you embrace one a little more passionately than others. And then, without any warning, a fucking Adonis waltzes through the door with all the nonchalance of a beach-combed Californian and leaves everything else awkwardly staring at their feet.

Fornicus are not from California. They are actually from Kentucky – a state known for Christians, whiskey and fried chicken – but not beauty. ‘Sulphuric Omnipotence’ is, thankfully. anything but beautiful. This is a chaotic edification of blackened death metal that explodes with brutal atmospherics from the beginning to the end.

The vortices spin throughout as guttural vocals combine with black metal shrieks – none more so than in the sublime ‘One Mass Grave’. Blisteringly quick blast beats give the album a Nathrakh feel but one smothered in the narcotic production of Blut Aus Nord. This is far more than simply a listen – it is an experience in every sense – and an extremely fine one.

Fornicus have taken over four years to release this record but, by Beelzebub, that time has been spent wisely. This is an extremely well written, well performed and well produced gemstone of an album that burns as bright as its filthy home will allow. Highly, highly recommended.


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