ALBUM REVIEW – Death Courier – Necrotic Verses

Completely unknown to me, it turns out this band formed in 1987 but never quite got going and then went on hiatus for many years. As a result, they are embedded in the central nervous system of death metal. Back then, these young Greek lads would have been filling their brains with the music of bands like Possessed and Slayer and it’s clear these much older Greek lads are doing the same.

‘Necrotic Verses’ brings that death/thrash sound up to date – as has been extremely successfully achieved by bands such as Gatecreeper. Now, I will be honest, this record doesn’t grab me in the same way that ‘Deserted’ did on first listen but it has a relentlessly aggressive approach and a sublime production that does draw you into the frenzied assault that they present. The gloriously named ‘As Heaven Blends With Rot’ and the title track itself stand out as examples of astonishing technical ability from all three guys as well as being out-and-out rippers.

Shotgun snare, mega-precise riffing and an arsehole of a bassline are all here – as you would expect on any self-respecting death metal record. It’s the vocals that shine the most, however. Vocalist, Bill Soulas, throws out barks and hollers that have the deepness of Benton combined with the rasp of Barnes. It is a truly magnificent performance.

‘Necrotic Verses’ is a direct, no nonsense affair that just appeals because it is what it is – well produced, well written and nauseatingly gnarly death metal. For a band on the second time around the swamp, it must be fun to do this and, on this record, this is clear to hear.


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