ALBUM REVIEW: October Falls – A Fall of an Epoch

When it comes to atmospheric black metal, there is rarely a record that doesn’t hit the spot. Being part of this reliable genre, October Falls have predictably not disappointed either. The release of ‘A Fall of an Epoch’ marks the band’s fifth full length offering and it is, in my view, their finest work to date.

Hailing from Helsinki, there is an unexpected warmth throughout this album. Tracks such as ‘The Ruins of What Once Was’ are a misty-eyed and fond recollection of a landscape steeped in history and mystique. Think Winterfylleth, think Wolves In The Throne Room and then crumble in a little Agalloch and you won’t be too far from October Falls.

Coming in at around 47 minutes, the record is produced well and wholly succeeds in sounding epic – which is the defining attribute of a great atmospheric black metal record. This would be one for the live stage on a cold night with a bottle of something sweet and fiery as you gently sway to the melodic lull of album closer ‘The Flood of Drought’.

‘A Fall of an Epoch’ is, without doubt, an excellent record achieving consistent, meticulous and thunderous black metal soundscapes. Although there is nothing new here, there is also nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing at all.


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