ALBUM REVIEW: Foetal Juice – Gluttony

Death metal is a serious business for irreverent people. Lurking in the inner gristle of the UK scene are North West filth-merchants Foetal Juice. For me, they are a band who need little introduction as they have a history of relentlessly energetic live shows and have forged a reputation that allows them to be synonymous with the genre they continue to spew forth. And now, they have returned with their second full length bellyful of bile aptly entitled ‘Gluttony’.

Twelve tracks of brutally executed and perfectly mixed ear-rippers await anyone who chooses to stuff their face. ‘Gluttony’ combines a detuned thrash guitar onslaught with the darkly comedic chuckling that death metal fans would expect. Titles such as opener ‘Take Your Face For A Shit’ and ‘Antagonistic Bastard’ (the latter emulating a really classic Death vibe) leave the open mouth of the listener in no doubt what will be shovelled down their throat. Add in the colossal barks and curdles of the UK scene’s fittest frontman, Dez Carley, and you have, in my mind, an astonishingly tasty record.

Standout tracks for me include the pacey ‘Manifestation of Falsity’ in which drummer, Rob Harris, pummels his way through an utter barrage of groove and frenzy. ‘Nether Pandemonium’ shows exactly what Foetal Juice are capable of in under three minutes as the precise guitar/bass violations hold a charge that leaves you shaking for far longer.

‘Gluttony’ is more than worthy of praise. the band clearly echo their influences but the whole is current and exciting. They are each immensely skilful in their craft and, as a result, this record is extremely cohesive, well thought out and, most importantly, utterly vile.


‘Gluttony’ by Foetal Juice is out on 12th June on Gore House Productions.

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