ALBUM REVIEW: Chepang – Chatta

Open the box marked ‘Outrageous’ and it won’t be long before you are skittled to the floor by Chepang. Originally from Nepal, they have consistently managed to be at the core of all that grinds. This new album, released on May 22nd, is not only further evidence of that but is, without a doubt, the most lunatic record they have ever committed to.

‘Chatta’ is a neurotic affair with a pair of clearly defined, but absolutely unique, personalities. The first half of this record sees a series of brief, deranged outbursts with all the vocal and sonic inclusions that any self-respecting grindcore fan would expect to be on the menu. However, it is the heavy use of saxophone that sets this record apart. The mournfully elongated notes make utter sense and make you realise that jazz has been the sleeping dog to grindcore’s rabid hound all along. And that is genius.

The second half of the record couldn’t be more different. The dog has wandered into a dingy drum and bass club where the DJ has become so strung out that he’s clinging on to the desk by his fingertips. And he’s playing to a pile of bodies on the floor. The saxophone still features – in particular managing to turn the track ‘Trishna’ into some weird mash-up between Baker Street and Slipknot’s Iowa. The counterbalance works in that it reinforces Chepang’s ability to slash noise fusion into strips and then sew them all together again. Much like the front cover of the album.

This isn’t a record you would put on when drinking your morning coffee – unless you drink scalding hot espressos through your eyes – but it is a scintillating journey through experimentation and works hard to achieve that ferocity that the genre demands. Think The Exploited, think Napalm Death, think Fukpig. Then think again – I’m not sure Shane Embury knows which way up you would even hold a saxophone.


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