ALBUM REVIEW: Bait – Revelation of the Pure

I absolutely love it when an album of this kind hurls itself into being via the gaping orifice in the sky. The enormity of sound is astounding and the filth coagulates around every scrap of your ears. Black metal and hardcore combine to form an impenetrable soup that you’d need an earth mover to digest.

From the opening chaos that is ‘Nothing is Sacred’, it’s immediately and blatantly clear that nothing is sacred. Tracks such as ‘Ruin’, ‘Into Misery’ and the downright hate-fuelled ‘Odium’ blister the sonic landscape and hang one-part doom and one-part post black metal against the utterly distressed vocal delivery.

As always, a key element is the frenzied body that sits atop the drum stool. As extreme metal drumming goes, this is brutally aggressive yet still maintains a groove that glues the excrement together. Layer in a wealth of extravagantly distorted tremelo lines and riffs that only belong in the stomachs of the sickest, and you have 45 minutes of the ugliest beauty that music can create.

Revelation of the Pure is hard to define apart from it’s as extreme as it is filthy, and as clear as it is chaotic. What is certain, is that Bait have produced a record that will challenge for a spot on anyone’s AOTY list and will fight the crap out of any record that says it doesn’t. Stand back – this ones got teeth where its fists once were.


Out now on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

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