Nah mate, never listened to ‘em!

The Facebook post read something along the lines of “Am I the only person who doesn’t listen to Black Sabbath?!” The statement itself wasn’t really the problem – obviously the author lacks basic taste but that’s beside the point. I’m aware enough to realise that’s really just my opinion. However, accompanying the post was a whole load of comments from other dedicated metalheads – proudly declaring that they too don’t listen to the band or worse… “Nah mate, never listened to ‘em!”

It’s not really about the specific band. Although, obviously, the fact that the subject of the post was arguably the originators of the genre we all claim to know and love was the thing that made it stick in my craw more than it should have done, it was that there were people out there revelling in it. As if ignorance should be seen as some sort of badge of honour. Next they’ll be arrogantly exclaiming that they’ve never read a book or visited a museum. As if being stupid makes them better people: “Behold! I refuse to educate myself – marvel at me!”

That’s the way the whole world seems to be going – all you have to do is look at our political leaders to realise that idiocy is rewarded these days. They spout utter nonsense from behind their lecterns, the masses cheer and go out and vote for it. Shouldn’t we, as members of a counterculture, be different? Oppose ignorance – seek knowledge.

Listen to bands. You might fucking hate them and that’s totally fine. At Clobber Records we listen to all sorts of music – a lot of it turns out to be complete dogshit, but that’s cool, we’re experiencing life’s rich tapestry. You can sit in your bedrooms; chain wanking endlessly to Bolt Thrower or you can get out there and actually enhance your existence. I guess if you’ve made the effort to read this then you’re probably already doing that. I wish you well – don’t let the knuckle-draggers get in your way.

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