The Sound of SA.TA.N.

The Horned One works in mysterious ways – that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, it’s down to each one of us to delve a little deeper and discover the evil genius of the ultimate bad guy. To that effect, I have been thinking about one particular method he employs – the humble Great British postcode.

Satan is a name and a geographical conglomeration. His widely-spoken name is a combination of three UK postcode areas (SA, TA and N) and, to that effect, I have identified three releases that have been conjured up in the last few months of this year – one from each of the exact postcode areas. This has not been without challenge – but who would expect the evil little bastard to make it easy for anyone anyway.

This is, after all, the work of a being far more powerful than any of us – and, using the darkest of arts, the independent workings of three unconected musical projects have inadvertently combined to create ‘The Sound of Satan’ 2019.

SA (SWANSEA) – ‘Lizard’ – GRIM TORMENTOR (Independent)

This vintage-fi release from one man black metal project Grim Tormentor is everything as filthy and raw as you want from a record of this nature. The sound belongs on tape and nowhere else – and, even then, it’ll probably sound far too polished. Drenched in early Deathlike Silence-esque non-production and dying in its own misanthropy, occultism and haunting dark spaces, this is magnificent. Utterly vile and stinking like a dead rat in a sun trap. With a lizard in its gob.


Hailing from the South West of England, the second band through which Satan has spoken (or, in this case, sung) is Sail. Adopting a traditional sludge rock sound not dissimilar to Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, they infuse this with all the weirdisms that have been trademarked by more modern bands such as Mastodon. This is dissonant and melodious in equal measures and, what results, is a pretty unique and damn enjoyable sound. Play it loud or don’t bother. Satan himself said so.


Having already built a sizeable UK fanbase with their debut, the black metal Londoners return with an album of epically Satanic proportions. This is crystal clear, symphonic black metal but it’s quite happy to share a table with exquisitely constructed melodies and downright speedy and frenzied guitar solos. If Satan chose to promote himself on Netflix, this would be his walk-on music. It even has a guest appearance by Sakis from Rotting Christ – without a doubt one of the Evil One’s all time favourite musical acts. Out on Scwarrzdorn, this is an exceptionally fine and very fitting record to complete our trinity of Satan-inspired releases. Bring out the witches, there’s work to be done.

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